FAQ'S | The Trade Shade

What if I pre-ordered?

All pre-ordered items have an arrival ETA of Mid-March. We are working very hard to make these items available as soon as we can. If you have any other questions regarding your pre order please send us an message at customersupport@thetradeshade.com.au

Does The Trade Shade include an umbrella?

The Trade Shade does not include an umbrella, unfortunately it’s a very costly exercise to send an umbrella via Australia Post and it’s a postage fee that would be a shame to pass onto you guys, the customers!

Will The Trade Shade work with any umbrella?

It sure will! The Trade Shade has been designed to accommodate almost all regular handled umbrellas on the market. The thumb screw allows you to secure umbrella handles of various thickness inside the holder!

Do you guys have any umbrella recommendations?

Although the holder will accommodate most umbrellas on the market the insider information we are hearing from our customers is that the Bunnings umbrellas are the best bang for buck around. They are very strong, offer a great amount of cover and most of the time you can pick them up for about $12!

How strong are the magnets? Will it hold up in the wind?

The Trade Shade is made up of multiple neodymium magnets (the strongest magnet type in the world!). These magnets create a super strong magnetic attachment to most ferrous (metal) objects. The combined pull force of these magnets is rated at 50kg, so they’re super strong! Something to keep in mind is that the strength of the magnetic field increases when the thickness of the ferrous material increases. If you’re after some extra strength while fitting off an air-conditioner on a windy day for example, areas such as corners and lids offer a thicker area because of the overlap in material!

How long are the shipping times?

Running the Trade Shade while still working full time as a sparky can make it difficult to get to the post office everyday before the close. With that in mind, all orders are sent out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. You can usually expect to see your Trade Shade turn up 2-5 days from the shipment date for standard shipping and 1-3 days for express depending on where in Australia you live. But keep an eye on the tracking number that you receive via email!

What if I'm not happy with the product?

Not a problem! If you find you’re not happy with the product after 30 days send it back to us for a full refund! We’re confident you will love the product so if you do have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out on any of our social media platforms or shoot us an email!