How Does the Sun and UV Cause Cancer for Outdoor Workers?

How Does the Sun Really Cause Cancer?

Sun exposure is the number one cause of cancer in Australia. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun, especially the UVB rays, can damage DNA and increase your risk for skin cancer. 

The sun's radiation comes in different wavelengths called Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B. UVB can cause skin cancer and is more damaging than UVA rays. 

The sun and UV radiation can cause cancer in several ways. One way is by damaging the DNA in our cells. This damage can lead to the development of cancer over time. Another way that UV radiation can cause cancer is by causing inflammation. 

This inflammation can then promote the development of cancer cells. 

How Do You Protect Your Skin When You’re Outdoors During Peak UV Times?

You can protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays by using broad-spectrum sunscreen and wearing sun-safe clothing, hats, and eyewear.

Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is important.  

Avoiding direct exposure, staying hydrated, and cooling down and resting will reduce the dangers of the sun for outdoor workers.

To help outdoor workers, to keep them away from the burning sun, we have made The Trade Shade. The TradeShade is a magnetic umbrella holder that can help you set up an umbrella at an angle and on almost any surface. 

With this portable equipment, you can stay away from the sun and avoid the risk of getting skin cancer caused by the Sun.

You can see our story to know who we are and how The Trade Shade can help you protect yourself from the sun.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

The sun and UV radiation are the primary causes of skin cancer. A few ways to reduce your risk of skin cancer include using sunscreen, limiting time spent in direct sunlight, and getting monthly skin checks. 

Skin cancer can develop on any part of the body, but it is more common in areas more exposed to the sun, such as the skin around your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. 

To reduce skin cancer risk, I suggest you use sunscreen daily if it is not avoidable to go outside.

Working under the sheds outside can help you not the sun rays directly hit your skin.

And remember to always keep yourself hydrated.

If you regularly work outdoors, then as a tradie, you should use The Trade Shade. This magnetic umbrella holder will protect you from the harmful sun rays and rain.

How Can I Help Prevent Sun Damage?

Sun damage is a major contributor to skin cancer. It can be prevented by avoiding the sun's harmful rays, using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater, and wearing protective clothing and hats. 

Smoking increases your risk for lung cancer and interferes with blood flow in the skin, which may lead to wrinkles and other skin problems.

The sun emits ultraviolet radiation (UV) that can cause skin cancer. It is important to be aware of the UV index rating for your area, so you know when to protect yourself from the sun. 

You can help prevent sun damage and skin cancer by taking simple precautions, such as wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat outdoors and avoiding sun exposure during peak hours.

The Trade Shade is a great tool to protect yourself from sun damage. It is an easy-to-setup, hands-free device to help you keep working in the shade. You can set the umbrella at any angle or surface to avoid sun rays.

Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin cancer. It is important to protect yourself from the sun's rays by using sunscreen and other protective measures. 

However, even if you take all of these precautions, skin cancers can still develop in areas of your body that are not exposed to the sun. 

This is because UV radiation from the sun can also cause cancer cells to form in parts of your body that don't typically see the light of day.

Diagnosis and Tests Done for Skin Cancer

There are several ways to diagnose skin cancer. The most common is through a biopsy when a doctor takes a sample of the suspicious skin for lab testing. 

If the biopsy results show that cancer is present, the doctor will order additional tests to confirm the diagnosis or determine the best treatment plan.

In some cases, removing the entire suspicious-looking skin lesion may be necessary to get a clean margin for testing. This is called an excisional biopsy.

Why Can Skin Cancers Occur in Parts of Your Body Not Exposed to the Sun?

Skin cancers can occur in body parts not ordinarily exposed to sunlight. Sun is not the only cause of skin cancer. Non-melanoma skin cancers – basal and squamous cells – can sometimes occur in non-sun-exposed areas.

Various things can increase your risk for developing skin cancer, including sun exposure, age, genetics, and certain medical conditions.

It's essential to be aware of these risks and take steps to protect yourself from skin cancer. Sunscreen is essential to this protection and should be used daily, especially for outdoor workers.

Additionally, it's essential to be aware of the different types of skin cancers and what to look out for. Skin cancers can occur in areas that never see the sun, so getting regular checkups from a dermatologist is important.

What to Do When You Get Sun Burnt?

It is important to stay out of the sun when you get sunburnt, cover up with clothing and sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and use cool compresses. Sunburn can triple your risk of melanoma – the most dangerous form of skin cancer.


Exposure to sunlight increases your risk for most types of skin cancer. UVA or ultraviolet A, UVB, or Ultraviolet B are harmful to your skin.

We all tradies need sun protection to prevent skin cancer and many other health problems. However, most of us have no idea how harmful sun exposure can be or how to avoid it.

For these reasons, The Trade Shade has created the perfect sun protection for people who are working outdoors. Once set up is done, The TradeShade does not fall or move even against strong wind or heavy rain. The TradeShade will protect you from the Sun and the rain.

You should use all the sun protection that you can use when you are doing outdoor work.


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