How Do I Keep My Umbrella from Falling when Working Outdoors and Work Hands-Free?

There are a few ways to keep your umbrella from falling when working outdoors. If you have your umbrella placed near a secure object, consider using fasteners if your umbrella is placed near a secure object. U-brackets and screws can secure an umbrella post. Zip ties can do the same.

While an umbrella can provide some much-needed shade on a hot day, it's frustrating when it falls apart at the worst time. Not to worry, we've got some tips for you! Additionally, patio umbrellas are a great addition to any outdoor space and can make your backyard or patio come alive.

Use The TradeShade

The Trade Shade is the ultimate solution to keeping a shade above you while you work. This magnetic holder is powerful and fits most umbrella sizes.

Nothing will trip it over, and it is not a bulky, huge solution like the others below.

The Tradeshade is portable and easy to set up quickly. This magnetic umbrella holder has 50kgs of pull force and all tradies love it.

With The Trade Shade, they can always work under the shade without worrying about the umbrella falling.

Tie the Umbrella Down

There are various ways to tie down an umbrella while working out outdoors. Some people tie down their umbrellas using bungee cords and nylon ropes. Some stakes could be hammered or corkscrewed into the ground to attach to the umbrella. Changing the base of the umbrella is usually enough to fix the issue. 

But this requires a decent amount of set-up time and is not easily removable.

Air Vents

An umbrella is not as effective when it's too heavy or when the wind is too strong. Air vents allow air to come through the umbrella to make it more secure and to keep you cool underneath.

If the umbrella is large, you can make some air vents so it can withstand the strong gushes of wind.

But then the umbrella will not be much practical when it rains!

Prepare for Wind Storms

When a high wind storm is in the forecast, close your umbrella if there is a high wind speed. If you can't close your umbrella, find an area close to a fence or building structure to block the winds from your work umbrella.

Remember to be prepared for powerful winds, and be safe while working in the outdoors!

Avoid Plastic Umbrella Frames

Always use aluminium or steel frame umbrellas and ribs. These are solid metals for an umbrella so that they will last longer. A good umbrella is neccessary so it does not fall.

Get a Heavy-Duty Base

You need to have a heavy-duty base for your umbrella to stand the outdoor elements better when working outdoors. The stand should have a knob and bolt to tighten the umbrella pole for extra stability.

Most of the time, a heavy-duty base will take a large ground space.

Add More Weight To The Base

There are many different ways to add more strength to your base. Some ways to add more strength to your base include sandbags, weight bags, gravel, and more. By adding more strength to your base, you will be able can to keep your umbrella from falling when working outdoors.

While this may work for a ground-based work umbrella setup, it will not work while working on some machinery on the wall.

Close Your Umbrella when Not in Use

If you don't want your umbrella to fly away in the wind, be sure to close it when you're not using it.

When you're finished using your umbrella, close it up so that it's more compact and less likely to catch the wind.

If you're carrying your umbrella while working out, make sure to keep a tight grip on it so it doesn't fall and get damaged.

However, if you are using The Trade Shade, then you do not need to hold the umbrella. It is a hands-free device made for tradies to work with both hands without worrying about the rain or the sun or about the umbrella falling down.

You can also invest in a heavy-duty umbrella that won't blow away as easily in the wind.

Whatever type of umbrella you use, be sure to close it after using -to avoid any accidents.


We believe you will be able to work easily without worrying about the umbrella falling over. However, many of the suggestions here are not portable. This is where The Trade Shade comes into play. You can carry this magnetic umbrella holder in your tool bag and set it up anywhere. You can also adjust the angle to keep the shade always on you.

Tradies from all over Australia love The Trade Shade. Please contact us if you need more information, and we will help you with everything.

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