A Guide to Instant Shade Options for Tradies

When choosing an instant shade, there are a few key things to consider like, if the shade is portable, easy to set up and so on. In this guide to instant shade options for tradies we will discuss popular shade options and how they work!

Top Qualities to Consider for An Instant Shade

Portable Shelter

Any instant shade option should be portable. Tradies have to carry their tools, so using some bulky options for portable shelter is not really ideal.

Weather is unpredictable, thus portable shelters or shades should be usable for all weather, be it rainy or sunny.

But if you know that the work should take more than 2 days, then you can set up some temporary shade structures.

Otherwise, The TradeShade is the best portable shade option that you can have. It is lightweight and small, so it will fit your toolbox easily.

Shelter from Wind & Rain (All Weather Conditions)

The instant shade option should be able to withstand strong gushes of wind and heavy rain. Tradies generally do not want to leave work midway for the weather. Thus, they need a strong weather protection option, especially from wind and rain. They should look for a strong base, durable frame and long-lasting shading material.

Defence against UV

Sun protection is important for everyone, but it is especially important for workers who are exposed to UV rays on a daily basis. Sun protection clothing and gear is designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

So your instant shade option should be large enough to cover your work area, so the sun can not touch you.

What Are the Instant Shade Options for Tradies

The TradeShade Umbrella Holder

The TradeShade is the best instant shade option for the tradies. Tradies can carry the umbrella and the magnetic holder in their tool bag. They can set it up quickly on any surface and work in any weather.

This magnetic umbrella holder does not fall off, so you can work hands-free.

Tradies all over Australia use The TradeShade, and they love it.

Built Structures for Tradies Work

For outdoor work that lasts for a few days building a shade structure is a good option. Four legs and a strong canvas-like material on the top work well for this. If you make this large enough, then all of your tools will be protected from the sun and the rain as well.

Sail Shade Structures

Shade sails are a great option for those looking for an affordable and effective way to provide shade. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all serve the same purpose: to provide respite from the sun's harsh rays.

Shade cloth is ideal for outdoor workers, protecting them from extreme heat, and triangular shade sails offer more flexibility than square sails.

Use Plants as A Shade System?

Plants or Trees are natural shade providers. If possible, you can move your work under the tree. For a sunny day, it might work to provide you with shade and prevent heat from reaching you.

Portable Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a great solution because they are flexible – you can position them without influencing the furniture, and they come with movable arms and tilting operations. This means that you can move them out of the way if you want sun in the pool.

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are an important addition to any home, especially in areas with a lot of sun exposure. They protect your furniture and keep the inside of your house cooler by deflecting the sun's rays. Additionally, outdoor blinds can be helpful in rainy climates, as they help keep the rain out. Make sure to choose a mesh fabric that allows airflow so you don't get too hot.


Thousands of tradies love The Trade Shade as their trusty instant shade option when they are working outdoors. They can set it up quickly, and can set it up as per the angle of the sun or wind. And the umbrella does not fall off, like ever. Thus, tradies do not need to worry about their shade falling off.

If you are looking for an instant shade option then you should get The TradeShade magnetic umbrella holder, and you are good to take on the sun, rain and the wind.


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