What Should I Look For in an Umbrella Stand?

For tradies an umbrella stand is something that protects them from the harsh sun and rain. Without a durable and versatile umbrella stand, tradies are at risk of many health problems.

The TradeShade ticks all the boxes and is a perfect umbrella stand for tradies. This magnetic umbrella holder comes with 50 kg of pull force and is easily adjustable.

All you need to do is ensure a clean magnetic surface and any sized umbrella that you have.

Then you got yourself an adjustable, portable, durable protection from the weather.

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Metal Stand

When choosing an umbrella stand, you should consider a metal stand. Metal stands are often more durable than wooden stands.

They are easier to tilt and position than other stand materials. Many metal umbrellas are portable, so they can be folded up and taken down in harsh weather conditions.

Fibreglass Stand

When looking for an umbrella stand, you can look for one made out of Fiberglas. Fibreglass is a tough material that will last. It is also flexible and will be able to bend without breaking.


The umbrella stand should be portable since tradies need to carry it on them. If the umbrella stand is bulky, then it will be cumbersome to take it with your other heavy tools.

Thus, a portable umbrella stand is suitable for tradies.


Tradies typically work in harsh environments. If the umbrella holder is not durable, it will break down quickly. It can break down by being under the sun, rain and rough handling.

Thus, the umbrella stand has to be very durable to withstand a life with tradies.


The umbrella stand should be adjustable, so you can adjust the height and angle as per your present requirement. If you are unable to adjust the angle, then you might have to work under the sun for some time.


Since tradies carry a lot of tools, a heavy umbrella stand is not acceptable. And if you are thinking of sail shades, then you need to carry a lot of items as well. Thus, if you are considering an umbrella stand, it should be lightweight. So you can carry it to your work easily.

Mounting Options

With umbrella stand mounting features are limited. Most of them have a heavy base which are not adjustable. But in this case, you can opt for The TradeShade. The TradeShade has magnetic features which have 50 kg of pull force. So you can secure the umbrella at any magnetic-friendly place. And you can set the angle as well.

As far as mounting options are confirmed The TradeShade is the best option for a tradie.


We hope these suggestions will help you select your umbrella base. Since you are not looking for any outdoor umbrella stands rather you are being specific as per your needs as a trade, we would like you to take a look at The TradeShade.

The TradeShade Umbrella holder is made for tradies. You can carry it, adjust the umbrella stand and install The TradeShade very quickly as per your needs.

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