Why your workplace needs outdoor shades

Why Your Workplace Needs Outdoor Shades

To keep the sun away, you need outdoor shades. Without them, you are increasing your chances of catching diseases like Premature aging, skin cancer etc.

Also, the shining midday sun will tire you out too quickly.

One way to do this is by installing outdoor shades. These shades can relieve the sun and make the outdoor areas more comfortable for all the tradies.

But you can not install shades or blinds in most spaces, and they have to work right under the sun.

If you regularly do outdoor work and have to be under the sun, consider The Trade Shade. You can set up the shade almost anywhere and work hands-free.

All you need is our magnetic umbrella holder and an umbrella to make it work. The device is so compact and lightweight that you will not even notice your toolbox's weight.

Just carry it with you for every outdoor work and set it up against the sun and rain.

Protection From the Sun

Sun damage is one of the most common workplace hazards, and it can lead to cancer risk more than exposure to asbestos, diesel engine exhaust, and crystalline silica combined. To protect workers from sun damage, they should do the following: Limit their exposure to both the sun and UV radiation, Use sunscreen and protective clothing, Drink plenty of water, and Avoid working in high-sun areas.

But sometimes you would have to work in the sun, then something like The Trade Shade comes in handy. You can work hands-free without worrying about the sun since you can set it up on any surface with 50 kg pull force. Also, you can set the angle of the umbrella as per the sun angle.


Sun exposure is a huge health concern for many people. Shade sails provide a canopy of protection from the sun and can help to prevent employees from getting sunburned or dehydrated.

Staying under the sun for long hours can result in complicated health issues, so you should avoid sunny hours or take proper precautions to step out in the sun.


A shade improves productivity for your employees. They protect employees from the negative effects of the sun, which can include reducing productivity and causing glare. Additionally, office blinds provide shade protection from the sun for indoor work, but you need something like The TradeShade for outdoor work to boost productivity.

How? You might wonder.

When you are not worried about the sun rays damaging your skin, your productivity will rise. Also you are not concerned that your shade might fall. And once set up you do not need to hold the umbrella as well. Thus increasing your productivity.

Weather Protection

A cover or shade is often suitable for all weather conditions for outdoor workers. A proper shade over the work area will keep the sun, wind, and rain away. You should make a semi-permanent shade over the work area for work that needs more than a day.

Privacy for Outdoor Work

Outdoor blinds provide a sense of privacy and security in your backyard. It helps to keep nosy neighbors away from your work area.

They protect your space from the elements, such as rain, harsh winds, and insects, while also preventing access to dust and keeping your work area clean.

Enhancing Reputations

Your temporary shade over your work area may contain your branding. If you provide your workers with proper shading, shielding them from the sun, that will look good in the customer’s eye.

Lower Long-Term Costs

Shade solutions, such as awnings, pergolas, and umbrellas, are becoming more popular because they provide many benefits over traditional painting or roofing materials. Shade solutions are generally less expensive to maintain in the long run and are easy to keep clean and look new.

On the other hand, The Trade Shade is a long-term and low-cost solution for individual tradies. Just carry it in your tool bag and set it up whenever needed to work under the sun.

Work in a Safer Environments

When designing outdoor spaces, it is essential to consider the safety of those who will be using them. Sun safety should always be a top priority, as excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and other health problems. Shade structures and trees can help protect people from the sun's harmful rays and create a more comfortable environment.

Creating More Usable Areas

More shades under the sun mean more usable areas. By having shady usable areas you can avoid diseases like skin cancer and other sun damages.

Thus having a shade is always a plus.

What if you can carry that shade with you? The Trade Shade is just that. Carry it anywhere. Use it anywhere to create more usable areas for outdoor work.

Best Sun Protection Strategies for Outdoor Work

1. Wear Protective Clothing

When working in the sun, it is important to protect your skin. Clothing covering as much of your body as possible will help shield you from the sun's harmful rays. Clothes that are tightly knit and light-colored fabric offer the best protection.

2. Use Protective Head Gear

Protective headgear is an important piece of safety gear for many jobs, especially those that take place outdoors. Helmets and hard hats are the most common types of protective headgear, but some accessories can be fitted underneath a hard hat to protect the face, ears, and neck.

3. Use Good Shade

Shade is essential to provide during the hot summer months.

The shade allows people to take a break from the sun and relax, and it can also help reduce the number of skin cancers caused by UV exposure.

Employers should provide quality shade for their employees during the lunch break. Either way, it is important to ensure that employees have a place to escape the sun's harsh rays.

Since The Trade Shade, a magnetic umbrella holder is portable, you can set it up anywhere to keep working or rest in between your work.

4. Encourage Sunscreen Use

Employers should encourage their employees to use sunscreen while working outdoors. This includes providing broad-spectrum sunscreen and enough breaks for workers to reapply. 

When applying sunscreen, the face, neck, ears, and hands are the most commonly missed areas, so these should be considered when other equipment covers those areas sufficiently.

5. Modify the Work Schedule

During the summer months, UV rays are strongest and can cause skin damage and cancer over time. To reduce their exposure to the sun, outdoor workers should rotate between tasks.


Staying under the sun for more extended periods may cause some issues regarding health. You may not notice it right away, but it can be a problem. And it's pretty hard since working people try to get the best out of it. They are determined to go to work and do their best.

But staying under the sun can cause skin cancer or cancer born from the burn. And it's a lot of diseases you may die from if that happens. 


Reference link: https://www.cancer.org.au/preventing-cancer/sun-protection/uv-alert/


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